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TreesGreenville plants in Neighborhoods, Parks, Greenspaces and at Schools.

Learn more about our ReLEAF planting programs. Have questions?  Contact us.  

ReLEAF Neighborhood Plantings

Any neighborhood in Greenville County can request to partner with us on a tree planting in their neighborhood.  We plant on private and public property.  Learn more.

ReLEAF School Plantings

Any school in Greenville County can request to partner with us.  We provide FREE:  1). technical support to staff, and/or 2). trees and mulch.  We plant during the school day with students and on Saturday mornings.  Learn more.

ReLEAF Community Plantings

Any park, municipality, community garden project, church, or other organization can request a tree planting and/or free technical support from TreesGreenville.  Learn more.

 Frequently Asked Questions

When do you plant trees?

Our planting season is October through March.

What size trees do you plant?  And, what kind of trees are they?

We typically plant 15-gallon containers.  Sometimes we plant field grown trees up to 2″ caliper; it depends on the site and our site partners ability to have the equipment needed.  We also plant 1-G, 3-G and 7-G restoration material in areas being reforested.

Each year we plant at least 40+ different species.  They are all urban hardy and they are mostly native trees.