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Plant in Your Yard

Any neighborhood located in Greenville County can apply to partner with TreesGreenville on a ReLEAF Community Tree Planting.  Together with homeowners and volunteers, we plant on private and public property.  We typically do not plant in SC DOT right of way.

How does it work?

Step 1:  Someone from your neighborhood (maybe you) applies to be selected for a community tree planting.  Contact us to get started. 

Step 2:  TreesGreenville’s Forestry Staff will work with your Resident Coordinator to plan and organize a community tree planting. TreesGreenville will help each participating resident select the right tree for the right place. On planting day, we’ll bring tools and be there to train community volunteers. Trees beautify a neighborhood.  Trees also increase property value, lower monthly energy bills, and improve air quality.

How much does it cost us to participate?

TreesGreenville provides a match for all tree plantings.  There is a sliding scale Fee-for-Tree you will be responsible for that is based on home value.  Trees are provided free to participating residents in communities being revitalized low to moderate income neighborhoods.  The Fee-for-Tree in most moderate income neighborhoods is about $20-$25; it ranges from $35-$75 in middle to high income tracts; and it’s $100 in high income neighborhoods.

The full cost to TreesGreenville to plant one tree is $200+.  This includes site visits, site analysis, site planning, species selection, nursery stock selection, trees, soil, mulch, amendments, project management, and tree installation.

When do we plant trees?

Our planting season is October-­March.