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TreesGreenville is offering Holiday Tree Greetings—

a wonderful way to acknowledge friends, family, business associates, clients, and customers during the holiday season.

As a friend to TreesGreenville, you value the work we do, conserving and Greenville’s
tree canopy. By sending Holiday Tree Greetings, you’ll support our efforts to plant trees
at schools, in parks and along neighborhood streets throughout Greenville County.

Here’s how it works:
For a $25 contribution for each person on your list, we’ll mail our attractive Holiday Tree Greeting cards.  The cards announce that trees will be planted in their honor, thanks to your generosity and thoughtfulness.

There are two options for ordering:

1. If you would like to add personal notes to your Holiday Tree Greetings, the cards can be mailed directly to you for addressing and distribution.

— or —

2. If you’d rather that we address and mail the cards for you, send us the names and addresses from your gift list and TreesGreenville will send each person a Holiday Tree Greeting card.

CLICK HERE to order your Holiday Tree Greetings or fill out the 2018 Holiday Tree Greetings Form!


© 2007 limited edition photography by Doug Lockard .

The inside of the card reads:
Your Name or Business Name has helped plant a tree in your honor through TreesGreenville’s Living Legacy program.


Is my Holiday Tree Greeting tax deductible?
Yes! TreesGreenville is a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and your contribution is deductible on your federal income tax return.

I am interested in placing a large order of Holiday Tree Greetings, is the internet the
easiest way to place it?
You can order up to 3 Holiday Tree Greetings through our secure website, click here.
Please use “other” and enter donation amount.
Example:  3 Holiday Tree Greetings x $25 = $75.
You can enter additional recipient’s addresses in the “message to recipient” text box.

If you would like to place an order of 4 or more Holiday Tree Greetings,
please download and print the 2018 Holiday Tree Greetings Form and mail to PO Box 9232, Greenville, SC 29604 before December 17th to ensure adequate delivery time of the holiday tree greetings cards. Also, check out our package pricing for free cards!

If I buy more cards, do I save?
Yes!  Buy 5 cards for $100 and get 1 free.  Buy 10 cards for $200 and get 2 free.  Buy 25 cards for $500 and get 5 free. Buy 50 cards for $1,000 and get 10 free.

It’s after December 18th, and I forgot to place my Holiday Tree Greetings order! Can I still place an order?
Yes! Please contact Courtney Rambo at 864.884.2675 or
to place your Holiday Tree Greeetings order after December 16th or if you have any questions.